Karen Kirkpatrick

"I paint because I can!" 

Karen Kirkpatrick was born in Montreal, Que and currently resides in West Kelowna, BC. In 2015, after retiring from the workforce, Karen quickly realized that she needed to find things to do with her time. The first thing she did was enrol in Tia Chi (a low impact form of exercise).  A few days later she happened to walk by a local art gallery. A flyer in the window was advertising art lessons.  Once she got home, she kept thinking about the art lessons. Before long she had completely immersed herself in various art courses with various local artists in the Okanagan Valley. She soon realized how much she was enjoying creating art and expressing herself! Karen eventually joined fellow painters at the Peachland Art group and West Kelowna Artists (formerly Brushstrokes Group).  Karen continues to enjoy painting. Her work has been displayed at various local art shows. Her medium of choice is full-body Acrylics on stretched canvas.